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Special Economic Zones

 In 2010 as a result of studies on Special Economic Zones (hereafter – SEZ) Legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan “ About SEZ” was developed. On 10th December 2012 in accordance with Decision of KAZNEX INVEST’s Board of Directors in order to improve management efficiency of SEZ new direction activity on developing SEZ was created.

 Based on a comparison of the operating institutional arrangements and international experience, for effective and sustanable development of SEZ in Kazakhstan, institutional control was proposed in which will merge the functions of SEZ development in a single corporate center – a single operator (based on the existing or newly created organization).

Currnetly consolidation MINT RK state-owned shares of SEZ "Saryarka" SEZ "Seaport Aktau" SEZ "Pavlodar" SEZ "Khorgos - Eastern Gate" SEZ "Chemical Park Taraz" SEZ "PIT" and SEZ "Burabay"with the subsequent transfer of state-owned shares of the above SEZ in trust a Unified Operator

 Therefore, it is suggested a three-tier management system SEZ in Kazakhstan - the authorized body in the creation, operation and abolition of the SEZ, the next level - EO - overall coordination of BMS, the third level - the management body SEZ responsible for the development and work with members of the SEZ, as well as construction and operation of infrastructure.