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Development of SEZ's

Amending the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
• The property tax for managing companies of SEZ is lowered
• Implementation of the mechanism that returns the VAT to participant, that appeared during the construction.
• Possibility to find administrative and managerial personnel outside the territory of SEZ

Yet to be accepted
Creation of Unified Coordination Center for development of SEZ’s
• Possibility to transfer objects of infrastructure on balance of managing company of SEZ
• SEZ withdrawal from a narrow industrial specialization
• Stability and safety of preferences
Attraction of foreign labor without quotes and permissions
Prolongation of tax concession period of using land plot
• Introduction of measures against ‘unfair’ tenants of the SEZ’s
• Creating favorable conditions for interaction with participants of a Production Sharing Agreement

Improvement of activity of managing companies of SEZ’s

• Organizational structure 
• Internal corporate documents 
• Business processes 
• Marketing strategy 
• Marketing Calendar 
• Carrying out marketing events 

Creation of UCC

Trust managementof stocks of managing companies of SEZ’s
• Methodological supportfor managing companies of SEZ’s
Examination of projects and development plans
•  Adjustment of business processes
Monitoring of efficiency of activity of SEZ’s
•Improvement of legislation
Attraction of investors