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Seeking and accompanying foreign investors

Value added services for foreign investors

Establishing direct contacts with investors and through partners from priority countries 

After concluding analytical studies and identifying investor countries, KAZNEX INVEST works on establishing trade-economical and investment cooperation with investor countries: effect negations where they present investment climate of Kazakhstan and state support for investors, also discuss issues on locating manufacture in the territory of Kazakhstan.
To attract potential investors KAZNEX INVEST conducts meetings with
- Foreign embassies;
- Representatives of international organisations;
- Business Associations;
- Trade offices of foreign countries.

Informational-consulting support

KAZNEX INVEST provides consulting services or analytical information during developing investment project, as well as during implementation stage. Every potential investor gets personal service on making initial decision about investing in Kazakhstan, choosing suitable location for investing, finding reliable local partners, arranging an appropriate itinerary to visit Kazakhstan, obtaining state support, fitting government’s regulation, and aftercare. 

In order to provide initial consultation and to expand investment benefits, KAZNEX INVEST organises meetings for potential investors with: 
- Representatives of ministries;
- Representatives of agencies;
- Governorates;
- National companies;
- Development institutions;
- Business associations;
- Business circles of Kazakhstan.