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Kazakhstan and OECD: on the way to mutually beneficial cooperation

One of the priorities of Kazakhstan's foreign trade policy is close cooperation with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Our republic is actively implementing the OECD standards in economic practice. Approaching these standards promotes occurrence of Kazakhstan in 30 most developed countries. Deputy General Director of JSC "Center for Trade Policy Development" under the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan Nurlan Kulbatyrov told about on the main stages of development of bilateral cooperation to primeminister.kz N. Kulbatyrov reminded that Kazakhstan's cooperation with the OECD began in 2008 in the framework of the Eurasian Competitiveness (EPC) program, and continued as a co-chairman of the Central Asian initiative in the period from 2013 to 2016.

EPC is implemented in order to attract investment, increase competitiveness and development of entrepreneurship. The program is aimed at promoting the region's countries to develop policies to improve the business climate, based on OECD standards and tools.

According to N. Kulbatyrov, the 2015 became a new stage of cooperation between Kazakhstan and OECD. The country program has been signed, which is a qualitatively new platform for exchange of experience. A similar program is being implemented in three countries - Peru, Morocco and Kazakhstan.

"Within the framework of the Country Programme, the Republic of Kazakhstan may join a number of OECD instruments and participate in the work of its structures. The program implements projects aimed, in particular, on the development of human capital, SME access to finance, and improving policies to attract and support investment," said the expert.

It should be noted that the country program provides for the accession of Kazakhstan to the 29 declarations and recommendations of the OECD, as well as holding 13 reviews of Kazakhstan's socioeconomic status.


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