Within the framework of upcoming visit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani, National Managem...






Busy time in view of new functions.

Before KAZNEX is transferred to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, we ask our questions to Meyerzhan Maikenov, Managing Director of the corporation.


Such a mentality has short legs.

Kazakhstan has the best chance of securing a footing at overseas markets. However, there are a number of issues that interfere domestic producers to become the leading exporters. This was the topic of an interview with Saule Akhmetova, Deputy Chairman of JSC «Corporation for Export Development and Promotion».


The major obstacle - non-tariff barriers.

Eleven entrepreneurs of Kostanai oblast entered the Guide «Kazakhstan Exporters». Its first edition was issued by JSC «Corporation for Export Development and Promotion «KAZNEX», set up a year ago.


«Made in Kazakhstan». That has a proud sound.

Competitiveness means the ability to consistently meet the requirements of the markets. You can not learn to meet these requirements, unless you export to these markets. The ability to export is a tool to be competitive.


Export should be developed.

One of the main tasks put by the Head of our state is to promote an increase of the domestic enterprises' ompetitiveness through internationalization of Kazakhstani business.


Customs doesn’t permit...

According to the researches, a share of «grey» import in Kazakhstan is extremely great. Russian experts, faced the same problem on their border, consider that it is possible to struggle with criminal actions and corruption at the customs only in one way — to lower duties as much as possible.


Knowledge and goal achievement drive will lead to success: scholar of the bolashak program.

Today Kazinform gives the tribune to Gaziz Maltykbayev, a graduate of the Bolashak International Scholarship of the President of Kazakhstan, University of Trier.


Duties for oil export will not impact kazakhstan export volume.

Saule Akhmetova, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Corporation for Export Development and Promotion has said in her interview to the Reuters that introduction of duties for export of hydrocarbons and temporary embargo for the export of wheat from Kazakhstan will not impact the total export volume.


To sell something needless will be impossible.

Any processing enterprise should be capable to export its products irrelative to whether it plans to export or not. Otherwise Kazakhstan, besides raw materials, will be able to offer nothing at the foreign markets.

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