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Frequency Answered Questions to «KAZNEX INVEST» JSC:

1.     What benefits of state support for exporters has a company, which plans to enter foreign markets?

«KAZNEX INVEST» JSC under the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan provides service and financial support to Kazakh exporters of processed products in entering foreign markets. You can use the following tools to promote your company:

- Participation in the composition of trade missions abroad (trade mission held in the format of business forum for establishing direct contacts between Kazakhstani producers and potential foreign buyers);

- foreign participation in the specialized exhibitions (effective channel for promoting enterprise in the foreign market, allowing to present their company and the products and services, acquire new customers and strengthen ties with existing and find new partners for business development);

- participation in the international specialized exhibitions in the format of the Unified National Stand (collective presentation of the products / services of competitive Kazakhstani producers of particular industry at the major international trade shows);

- promotion of Kazakhstani trademarks (goods / services) to foreign markets (organization and carrying out of presentations of trademarks abroad, placement of articles on high-quality fashion products under the trademarks of Kazakhstan, the organization of domestic producers of negotiations with potential foreign buyers);

- promotion of humanitarian procurement market (humanitarian organizations to acquire a large range of goods, from food to engineering products, depending on their purpose).

If you are interested, you can find additional information on the portal www.export.gov.kz or contact at: 8 (7172) 91 90 40

2.     We  heard about the mechanism of compensation of 50% of the costs associated with the withdrawal of domestic products to foreign markets. Explain the procedure for this type of financial support to exporters.


       What kinds of costs are reimbursed?

- certification of products (conformity certificates, certificates of origin, certificates of quality, phytosanitary, etc.);

- registration of products / trademarks abroad;

- supply representation abroad (office rent, warehouse, point of sale, show rooms);

- participation in international exhibitions (manufacture and booth rental, rental space, registration fee, airfare employees * 2 economy class, hotel accommodation 2 employees * 5 days)

- advertising and distributing products (catalogs, brochures, leaflets);

- advertising abroad (making movies and scrolling on TV, radio, print and electronic media, public banners);

- training of staff working in the field of export control;

- attracting franchise;

         - the creation and launch of a website;

         - marketing research.  


Who can apply for a refund?

 Subjects of industrial innovation, which are engaged in the export of processed products (list of goods, the export of which businesses are reimbursed costs, see. In the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 2, 2012 № 1017 On approval of the Rules of reimbursement of costs of industrial-innovative activities to promote domestic processed goods and services to foreign markets, the list of domestic processed goods, services, which partially compensated for the costs of their promotion to foreign markets, and Repeal of certain decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.).

Over what period of reimbursed costs?

Recoverable costs incurred no earlier than two years prior to the date of the announcement of the call for applications. For example, in 2013 an ad was published in "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" 29.06.2013g. and reimbursable expenses incurred with 29.06.2011-29.06.2013gg. Ad placed in the national media and web site  kaznexinvest.kz, and export.gov.kz. The full and exhaustive list of the documents available in the Rules of the quoted  Decree.

For assistance of  the Department of export grants "KAZNEX INVEST" JSC, contact at: 8 (7172) 91 90 40, ext. 1043, 1044, 1007.


3.     What is the real benefit of the entrepreneur doing business and investing in special economic zones in Kazakhstan?


A distinctive feature of doing business in the SEZ is the presence of a number of tax preferences and exemptions. For example, for members of the SEZ there are tax and customs benefits:

Tax benefits - a reduction of 100% of the corporate income tax (CIT) rate is 0 for land tax, property tax, value added tax (VAT) in the implementation on FEZ goods consumed in the production process.

Customs privileges - the importation of goods into the territory of the SEZ are exempt from customs duties.

Also available to participants of  SEZ land with 0 rate of payment for its use of up to 10 years.

 In addition, all participants SEZ granted access to the necessary infrastructure for the realization of production (properties that make up the production facilities and the transfer of heat and electricity, water and gas supply, sewerage, transport and communications, telecommunications services and other facilities).

It should be noted that the draft law on the improvement of SEZ, aimed at further improving the conditions of functioning of SEZ, which is signed by the Head of State October 27, 2015.



4.     How to become a participant of SEZ?


To work as a member of the SEZ and its inclusion in the unified register of participants of the SEZ should:

1. Apply to the management body of the SEZ.

2. The application shall be accompanied by the following documents on paper and (or) electronic format:

1) profile of the applicant in the form approved by the authority;

2) a certificate of state registration (re-registration) of a legal entity;

3) a notarized copy of the identity document of the first head of the applicant;

4) a notarized copy of the identification number;

5) a notarized copy of the charter of the legal entity;

6) a notarized copy of the decision of the supreme body of the legal entity on the implementation of activities in the special economic zone;

7) a copy of the financial statements for the last reporting date signed by the first head of the applicant or his deputy, and the chief accountant (accountant);

8) the feasibility study of the project that meets the requirements established by the authority;

9) check the servicing bank on the movement of money on the bank accounts of the applicant (the absence of filing) and the credit report from the credit bureau, containing information on the full or partial information available in credit history;

10) reference to the authority of government revenue at the place of registration of the presence or absence of debts on taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget;

11) documents confirming the applicant's financial security.

 (In accordance with Article 9 of the SEZ financial support should be in the amount corresponding to the feasibility study.

Financial support can be formed (to select any of the methods of financial support, including by combining two or more methods) the following ways:

1) money;

2) a bank guarantee;

3) a guarantee;

4) a pledge of property;

5) the contract of insurance.)

3. In accordance with the legislation on SEZ management body within ten working days, concludes an agreement on the implementation of activities. Further, the management body shall notify the SEZ to conclude a contract with a participant of SEZ of MID of RK and organs of government revenue.


In addition, potential investors will be able to apply to the KAZNEX INVEST of  MID of RK on issues of concern related to the registration as a SEZ participants, as well as in cases of unjustified refusals, call or write to WhatsApp on the phone number +77719775800 or by writing an e-mail: sez@kaznexinvest.kz



5.     I have an investment project. I need help in attracting investors. Prompt, where I can post information about my project?


If you have an investment project, first of all we offer you  to send an official letter to the «KAZNEX INVEST» JSC, with summary information on the company, the project and the necessary support of the Agency.

After consideration of the application, you will be directed to fill the profile of the project, which after filling, information about the project will be added to the database of investment projects and investors www.baseinvest.kz.

         Terms of placing the project on www.baseinvest.kz - is the presence of a business plan and complete the information provided in the questionnaire in English, Russian and Kazakh languages.

         For information database of investment projects www.baseinvest.kz developed and presented in the open access to mid-2013. To date more than 20,000 made the transition to the base of projects received and processed 750 requests for investment projects by potential investors. It should also be noted that in 2010, with the assistance of KAZNEX INVEST investment decision took 47 foreign investors in the total amount of $1 911 billion.

     You can also get acquainted with the already proposed to the implementation of investment projects in Kazakhstan, go to "Base of investment projects" on the site www.invest.gov.kz



6.     What are the criteria for selecting companies to participate in activities to promote their products abroad (trade missions, exhibitions, national stands)? What is the cost of these services?


If you decide to take part in some exhibition, trade mission, foreign specialized exhibitions in the format of the Unified National Stand, the specialists of "KAZNEX INVEST" JSC will provide you with all possible assistance in matters of organization, and you will be provided partial funding for the participation of your company according to the choice of activities.

Criteria for the selection of companies to participate in the activities of «KAZNEX INVEST» JSC to promote products to foreign markets:

1. Kazakhstan manufacturer

2. The manufacturer of the manufacturing sector of the economy

3. Companies that export their products and services, as well as companies planning to enter foreign markets

4. Select your country in accordance with the export potential of products, as well as US imports of foreign countries

7. What investment preferences can expect an investor who decided to invest in Kazakhstan?

In accordance with the Law "On investments" investor may receive:

1. Preferences for projects (including priority investment projects):

 Exemption from customs duties on import of equipment, accessories and spare parts, raw materials;

 Kind grants not more than 30% of investments in fixed assets (land, buildings, machinery and equipment, computers, measuring and control instruments and devices, vehicles, industrial and household equipment).

2. Preferences for priority investment projects *:

 Tax incentives: corporate income tax - 0% for 10 years; Land tax - 0% for 10 years; property tax - 0% for 8 years;

 Investment subsidies up to 30% for construction and assembly works and purchase of equipment after commissioning;

 Ensure the stability of the legislation: Tax and in attracting foreign labor force;

 State support of investment by the authorized body established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which interacts with investors on the principle of "one window";

 Assist the competent authority in providing investors with guaranteed reservation from interested entities in accordance with the investment contract concluded between the competent authority and the investor.

* The criteria for priority investment projects:

 Corresponds to the list of priority activities

 Newly created entity with an investment of more than 2 million MCI (MCI - monthly calculation index, approved by the law on the national budget)

In all matters relating to the provision of investment preferences, you can contact the Investment Committee of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We remind you that the Ministry of Investment and Development of the RK acts Investors Services Centre to support investors implementing priority investment projects. Investors Services Centre will provide you with advice on investment opportunities, assistance in the collection and preparation of documents for public services (licenses, certificates, certificates, etc.), support for investment projects in the central and local executive bodies on delivery of public services. Call-center: 8 (7172) 75-45-40


Dear visitors! 
If you have any enquires related to export, investment and SEZ, please kindly send to the e-mail addresses: export@kaznexinvest.kzrequest@kaznexinvest.kzabdirov@kaznexinvest.kz accordingly.

Export related questions:

I heard that you have a special program for package producers. Can you give more details?

Answer: For the last 2 years for packaging development we pay more attention. Unfortunately, a separate "package" is not classified in a separate sub industry, for example, glass is related to chemistry, tin containers and plastic packaging is also assigned to different categories, so there are manufacturers, packers were left alone with their problems, hopes and plans.

Recently we learned that is about to enter into force on the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union on the safety of the package. This fact was not news for our producers. But we need to change the situation. We think , that in this summer we gather all market participants, they have already expressed a strong desire, will invite producers, Industry Committee, Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology, and we will work on it. .

I would like to work with Russian regions directly. Is there any Trade representative office of Kazakhstan in Russia?

Answer: Good day! On the website of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan have contacts the Trade representative office of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation: http://kaztrade.ru/

Miasnitskaya str, 47, reception: +7 (495) 608-77-40, begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE +7 (495) 608-77-40.

Also link http://kaztrade.ru/ You can find the authorized representatives of Kazakh trade representative office in Russia.

Hello! Would you tell us, if your Agency involved during negotiations with foreign buyers? In order to communicate with foreign buyers, excellent knowledge of business English is required. But our staff is currently learning English. We wouldn’t want to hire the translator, because we are not sure if translator is competent in this field.

Answer: Hello! Unfortunately, these services are provided only in the framework of trade missions organized by KAZNEX INVEST abroad. And so, on a global scale, our agency does not provide such services.

You do not need to be afraid of translation services offered by proven and experienced translation agencies. Good luck!

Investment related questions:

1.Is tourism a primary investment sector in your country? Do you have mandate for tourism investment promotion? Is there any other organization in charge of tourism investment promotion? If so, what's its name?:
2. Is agriculture a primary investment sector in your country? Do you have mandate for agriculture investment promotion? Is there any other organization in charge of agriculture investment promotion? If so, what's its name?
3.Which ministry/department do you report to?

1. Tourism is one of the priority sectors in Kazakhstan, Special Economic Zone "Burabay" was established in Akmola region, construction of recreational area in the Caspian Sea - Kenderli is planned in Mangistau region. The Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan is responsible for the policies in the tourist sector. In turn, the priority of KAZNEX INVEST is to encourage investment in non-oil sector of the economy. Thus, tourism also fall into our area of responsibility.
2. Development of agriculture is also one of priority sectors in the economy of Kazakhstan. For policies in agriculture the Ministry of Agriculture of the RK is responsible. In addition, to help the Ministry JSC "Kazagro" and JSC "Food Corporation" were set up - state companies that are implementing government policy in the field of agriculture. As mentioned above, the priority of KAZNEX INVEST is to encourage investment in non-oil sector of the economy. Thus, agriculture is also subject to our responsibilities when it comes to high levels of agricultural processing.
3. KAZNEX INVEST is under the Ministry of Investment and Development of the RK.

I have a company specialized in the import and export foodstuffs since 1977. I am really interested in establishing a branch of my company for import and export the foodstuffs in Kazakhstan. Will you please provide me with the following items:1) what is Kazakhstan visa requirement for Syrian citizens? 2) what are the legal proceeds and fees to register my company in Kazakhstan? and what is the minimal required capital to register a business? 3) Can I grant on the visa to enter your country in the airport? Damascus, Syria

1. To obtain the visa for Syrian citizens to enter Kazakhstan depending on the time and purpose of visit you should contact the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Syria that is temporarily located in Jordan. Here are the contacts: tel. +962 659 280 53; also tel. +962 659 279 54; e-mail: amman@mfa.kz
2. The visa for Syrian citizens to enter Kazakhstan are not provided at the airport.
3. The minimal required capital to register LLP in Kazakhstan is 900 USD. And to register JSC it is 450 000 USD.
4. Preliminary information required to register a company in Kazakhstan:
Name of the company;
Address in Kazakhstan and the contact phone;
Passport details and contacting information of the founders (general manager of the company);
The size of the authorized capital and the way of its establishment;
Types of business activities;
Name of the bank chosen for payment transactions.
5. “DAMU” foundation for entrepreneurship development (www.damu.kz) is providing the following services for registering a company
Preparing registration documents;
Registering company in registration and tax authorities;
Ordering and obtaining a stamp;
Registering a company in social funds;
Opening payment accounts.

SEZ related questions:

Good day! We are planning construction of industrial facility (pharmaceutical) in Kazakhstan with equity involvement of foreign investors. If we locate the construction in SEZ, what kind of grants will be available? And if we locate it in non SEZ, will we still get the benefits?

Answer: You may find the information about benefits for Kazakhstan’s SEZ participants on the investment website www.invest.gov.kz, in the State Support section> Privileges for participants of Special economic zones.
Also, information about types of investment incentives (in the territory of a non-SEZ) is provided in State Support section> > Investment preferences.

Government defines 9 Special Economic Zones: among them Almaty is a massage zone, and Astana is a special area to build pharmaceutical factories. My question is: If we build a pharmaceutical factory in Almaty, can we still count on the same tax benefits including custom duties which we get in Astana?

Answer: According to Clause 1, Article. 9 of the Law "On Special Economic Zones in the Republic of Kazakhstan" activities of the applicant must comply with the objectives and types of activity carried out on the territory of SEZ. According to Clause 3 of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 18 August 2003 № 1166 "On creation of a special economic zone" Information Technology Park "(hereinafter - SEZ) located in Medeu Alatau village district of Almaty and Almaty region surrounding land, the production of basic pharmaceutical products and drugs is not the main activity on the territory of the SEZ. Therefore, building a pharmaceutical factor in Almaty will not cover the benefits as in Astana.